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Welcome to the Tellico Village Computer Users Club

Important news, activities, events:

Next Regular Membership Meeting September 1, 7:00 pm Yacht Club, top floor.

Summer BOD schedule, 3:00pm, Chota Rec Center Room D.

  • August 11
  • September 8

Next Group Tour

  • MasterCraft, September 9th 10 am

Special Notifications:

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Jim Peterson:

Windows 10 is being offered free for the first year (really free!) for all user of windows 7 service pack 1, 8.0 & 8.1. Look in the notification area of the task bar for the Windows 10 icon and within the notifications from "Windows Update".

Windows 10 will be downloaded in most cases, automatically and will not upgrade without the permission of the user.  A link from ZDNET will explain in detail how the upgrade will work.

Windows 10 Is Almost Here!  Dick Schmeling.

You may be among those folks to whom I have given computer assistance of one kind or another over the last several years.  In recent weeks, some of you have asked me questions regarding the upcoming release to the general public of the newest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system – Windows 10!  Accordingly, I thought it would be beneficial to pass along to all of you some answers ..... read more.

How to reduce the risk of getting hacked or scammed,
Joe Solymossy, May 2015 General Membership meeting.

In April we heard about hackers and scam artists and the many ways they can get into your computer or scam you out of your money.  This month (May) we‘ll talk about what you can do to reduce or stop this risk.

The most important thing you need to do is to be smart about your use of the computer.  For instance don’t go to questionable sites like drugs, porn, recipes or coupons without understanding the increased risk.  The bad guys go where most of the people go.

No one from any major corporation like Microsoft, Dell or Charter will call you about your computer unless you call them first!  And do not click on any link in an email unless you know the sender intimately.  You must have adequate protection installed, activated, and regularly used to keep your computer operating smoothly and efficiently.  Everyone using a computer will get bad stuff at some time or another, but you can limit the damage.

Make sure that “Windows Update” is always up to date.  Typically Windows Update is set to update at midnight or 3:00 am daily or you can change it to a time your computer will usually be on and not in use.


Here is what TVCUC recommends that you should have on your computer.  Although all offer free programs, you can buy upgrades to these programs that work automatically and give you more “bells and whistles”.  Remember there is a difference between “free” and a “free trial version” of these programs.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender for 8 or 8.1 users)
  • Malwarebytes
  • SuperAntiSpyware


If you use the internet you must use an antivirus program, but only one.  Use Microsoft Security Essentials (free program) or another quality antivirus program and make sure it is set for automatic update and a full scan at least weekly, preferably at night (4:00 am or later, so it doesn't interfere with windows update).  Windows 8 or 8.1 have an antivirus program built in (Windows Defender) so make sure it is activated.


Once or twice a month do the following computer maintenance:

At end of day start Malwarebytes; let or make it do an update, then start a full scan (2-3 hours).  If you go to bed it will run and show you the results in the morning.  If it identifies bad programs, select “details” and make sure each block has a checkmark in it, and let it remove any items found. If it doesn't remove each one found, call FLST.

Then open SuperAntiSpyware.  Let or force an update, then run full scan (20-45 minutes).  This will almost always find something that should be removed.

After all this is complete, or any other time you want to clean out unneeded data, run C-Cleaner.  Open it and let it do an update if needed.  Then ensure it is selected to “cleaner” and tell it to “analyze” your computer. Once it is at 100% check “run cleaner”.  Do not run any other part of this program.  This program can be run daily for better performance.

If you use your laptop as a desktop computer it should be unplugged at least weekly, long enough to let the battery discharge, then plug it back in.  This will extend the battery life.

Have you noticed this posting before?  It features our friend, Dale Noll, who was the face of TAP for many.  Dale passed away this June.  He was a gentleman and he will be missed by all of the TAP volunteers.

The Technology Access Program (TAP) accepts:

  • empty ink cartridges
  • computers
  • monitors
  • and printers

for refurbishing and distribution to area families who do not have access to an in home computer.  Bring your usable equipment to TAP, 244 Lakeside Plaza (Ritchie Road, lower level of the 2nd building below where Doug's Place was).  TAP is staffed by volunteers so call ahead, 865 332-5313, to make sure there will be someone to receive your donation.

TVA River Forecast Center, June 18th Group Tour

TVA’s River Forecast Center, located in Knoxville, Tenn., is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year. Visit the Group Tours page for more information and to sign up for this and for other tours.

TVCUC Picnic, June 2nd Tugaloo Pavilion.  Good weather, good food, good fun! (Click on an image for larger view.)

Grant Writers for TVCUC-TAP

Janet Trimbath, Grant Writer for TVCUC-TAP, is pleased to welcome Linda Schuessler and Lou Miller who answered the call for needed assistance.  Grants are an important part of TAP funding without which TAP would be unable to meet the needs of so many students in the East Tennessee area.  So far this year four grant applications have been made and two have resulted in funding, one is still in process, and one was denied for 2015.

The LH picture is the world's largest 3D printer that printed the Shelby Cobra.   The RH picture is of a printed unfinished car shell with TVCUC members.