Annual Picnic/Social

Tuesday, June 4th • 5:00 p.m. at the Tugaloo Pavilion

Tour News

We Care Proton Therapy Center Tour (July 16th)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (July 18th)

If interested, email Bob Kutschera at

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, June 4th Picnic in lieu of General Meeting
See you at the Picnic/Social

No Mac Users Meeting in June

Tuesday, June 25th, 3:15 p.m. at the Chota Recreation Center Room D
Meet with First Level Support

Proton Therapy Video

Presentation by Dr. Terry Douglass of PET/CT & Proton Therapy
Also, a new video on Cyber Security presented by TVCUC & HOA
Both may be viewed HERE

To donate equipment

Please contact our TAP Group
at 244 Lakeside Plaza in Tellico Village
(in same building as Thai Bistro, around back).
Phone: (865)332-5313



Some in Tellico Village recently received a phone call from someone claiming to represent “Their Computer Club”.
Read More HERE

Upcoming Meetings

Monday, 28 Jan – Mac Users SIG Meeting
3:00 p.m. at Chota Rec Center Rm D

Tuesday, 5 Feb – General Meeting
7:00 p.m. at CLC at Community Church

First Level Support — Scam Warning

The Tellico Village Computer User Club First Level Support Team and our partners in Tellico Village have noticed an increase in calls from Members getting warnings.  Such as: a call from “Microsoft”, seeing a notice on their machine “Strongly” warning them that they have been infected with a Virus, the screamer (if you have had you know what I mean) or a notice that “Something” is wrong with their machine.


If you receive an on-screen notice, turn off your machine immediately– no matter what the notice says.

If you respond to these people, they can be very persuasive.  Some claim to be Microsoft Certified and they may be–anyone can get certified.  They want you to connect to their web site and then they will download software, turn off your virus protection, change locations of critical protection software and then tell you “they can fix it” for a nominal charge.  If you say no, they will leave your machine in the messed up (technical term) state and you are on your own.

So far the people that responded to the warning by calling have needed a complete reloading of the Operating System.

So, please just hang up on the phone call or shut down your machine, it will make it much easier on us all.  Often after shutting down and rebooting your machine, the message disappears.  If the message remains, call the FLS Helpline at 865-408-8223.